Seniors prepare for Masquerade prom

With senior prom approaching on May 29, many are seeking a preview of what it will be like. Class President, Maddy Berman (‘14) discussed what the SGA homeroom has been doing to prepare and just an overview of the theme and ideas behind this year’s prom

Emily Reisman: What have you guys been doing to promote Senior Prom?

Maddy Berman:  I mean it’s senior prom so it’s kind of like the end of high school, the last hurrah, so we are kind of just assuming a lot of kids will go because it is senior prom. As time gets closer we will be promoting when ticket sales are going on and why kids should be excited to go, but as of right now we don’t have any reason to promote.

ER: So themes, do you guys have any ideas or a definite theme set?

MB: The theme is masquerade. So, not to be confused with Mardi Gras, like the Sophomore Cotillion, it’s masquerade.

ER: How are you going to be decorating the room? 

MB: Gold, red, and black are the three main colors so we are going to be using some gold beads in the centerpieces with red flowers and black masks just to decorate and give it the feel. We are also having it at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, so it’s already such a beautiful room and such a beautiful place that we are not really doing much with decorations. [The workers] also limit what we can do. It’s already such a beautiful room so we don’t want to take away from that.

ER: What have you guys been doing to prepare in the SGA homeroom?

MB: So we’ve figured out what we are going to do for our giveaways, like the t-shirt and the t-shirt contest, and decorations are really a big part of it. Also we’ve booked the DJ about two weeks ago so we did all of that. Also, we’ve just been working on fundraising to keep the ticket prices as low as they can be.

ER: What have you been doing to fundraise?

MB: We did a PJ’s night in February and that went really well for us, we made a lot of money off of that. If anyone wants to do a fundraiser [at PJ’s], it’s a very good option, they are very nice over there, too. We also had a bake sale a couple weeks ago which worked out well. We sold everything we could. Then we are doing a Pancheros fundraiser, like one of those restaurant nights at Pancheros, in late April, [probably] the week after Spring Break, so hopefully that will go well and we will get some money from that, too.

ER: What are you most excited about as a senior going to this prom?

MB: I’m excited to be at the Please Touch Museum. It’s just a really cool place. We also picked the meals, that was something that we talked about, the caterer gave us a bunch of options and we decided what would be best for the class so that’s another thing we [did] in here as well.

ER: Do you know how much the tickets are going to be?

MB: Right now we don’t have a ticket price yet just because we haven’t worked out all the numbers. But we are all really excited in here. Everyone’s starting to make their decisions [as to] where we are going to college so graduation is getting real and Senior Prom is coming up. We are all just getting excited for the senior activities and prom is one of them.

SGA has big plans for the Senior Prom and is encouraging that every senior attend this memorable night. Get your masks ready for a fun filled night!