Mr. East Countdown: Mr. Oh My Josh—9 days to go!

There is no need to say “OMG” to this year’s Mr. East contestant Josh Bonner (’14). Thats right, “OMJ” is the term to use.

Mr. Oh My Josh came to East from Baltimore, Maryland at the beginning of his junior year. Seeing that his old school was a lot smaller than East, he was not aware that he would form as many bonds as he did here.

“My biggest accomplishment [at East] is being able to make as many relationships as I have.”

It seems as though he did not only make bonds with his friends at East, but also with his fellow Mr. East contestants and chairladies.

“Even though we all come from different places we can all figure out a way to work together,” said Bonner, “it’s like a family and we’re all really close… It happens so quickly.”

Since last year was his first year at East, he went to Mr. East and could not wait until he could compete for the title.

“I kept wanting to jump on the stage and get up there and be with the guys. I thought there was no way I was missing out on that,” said Bonner.

In addition to his appearance on the Mr. East stage you can find Mr. Oh My Josh on the basketball court. He is also a member of the African American Culture Club.

Mr. Oh My Josh is prepared to make the audience laugh and cry… but mostly laugh.

“Bring some tissues because you’re going to cry,” said Bonner, “not the bad kind… the good kind.”

He is humble and fully aware of the fact that he should be Mr. East.

Bonner said, “I should be Mr. East because I’m just me.”