Mr. East Countdown: Mr. NaHummus—3 days to go!


By utilizing the classic Mediterranean snack of hummus and pita and spinning it to create something truly unique, David Scott Nahum (’14), aka Mr. NaHummus, is ready to take Cherry Hill East by storm in the Mr. East competition.

In his years at East, Mr. NaHummus has spread himself pretty evenly, and I don’t just mean on a piece of oven-baked naan. From SGA to Marching Band, East Singers, Casual Harmony, Stay Tuned and Madrigals, Mr. NaHummus has successfully explored the different aspects of multiple extracurricular activities.

When it comes to actually competing in Mr. East, Mr. NaHummus decided to try out this year because “it’s just something [he] always wanted to do.”

In regards to his talent performance, without giving it away, Mr. NaHummus explains, “lets just say that I think you learn something new everyday, and that you’re going to learn a lot from my performance.”

Between the pelvic thrusts and intriguing choreography, Mr. NaHummus ultimately plans to follow in the footsteps of those who have already been crowned Mr. East. To Mr. NaHummus, “Mr. East is a position that embodies the school,” and he does not take this title lightly.

As for the overall legacy of winning the biggest male beauty pageant in all of Cherry Hill and arguably in all of the universe, Mr. NaHummus said, “it’s like, why did Achilles fight in the Trojan war? So that his name would forever be remembered.”

So, next time you go to take out the Costco-size tub of Sabra hummus and Stacy’s pita chips, think about Mr. NaHummus and the talents that have helped to shape the man he is today, and will become in the future.