FOP Holiday Party Preview


Photo by Meghna Kothari ('15)/ Eastside News/Features Editor.

Members dedicate time after school and occasionally at night to create decorations for the holiday party.

The FOP Holiday party is soon approaching as many East students from all grades are making preparations. Paper snowmen and snowflakes, as well as many other decorations, are being made so that they can be used for the upcoming holiday party.

A chairperson, Sierra Doolin(’14), said “We usually have two meetings a week each with separate grades. We make a lot of decorations [such as] tree ornaments”.

This year’s new ideas for decorations include Christmas tree decorations at every table. Additionally, more of a theme is developed through the decorations, such as for the Santa Claus room in which the theme is candy canes.

Brooke Beatty (’14) said between meetings during Lunch Break 1 and 2 and meetings after school to make decorations, decide on t-shirt designs and find sponsors, the preparations for FOP are finally coming together.

“The party itself is really rewarding by seeing the kids’ facial expressions and how happy they are,” said Daphna Varadi (’14), another overall chairperson.

Doolin said, “This is a club that is not for yourself, [it is] for giving back to others who are less fortunate.”