East students audition for All South Jersey Band and Orchestra

Ashley Cooper

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November 15, 2021
Photo courtesy of sjboda.org.

Photo courtesy of sjboda.org.

On Saturday Dec. 13, several Cherry Hill High School East students traveled to Eastern Regional High School in order to audition for the 2015 All South Jersey Band and Orchestra.

Fourteen Cherry Hill East students placed in the 2015 All South Jersey (ASJ) Band, which is an exceptional amount. The South Jersey Band and Orchestra Directors Association (SJBODA) breaks the select ensemble into specific subsets. According to the SJBODA’s policies, band auditionees can be accepted into any of the following four ensembles: Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble or a Chamber Ensemble.

Band students may be in multiple groups, however students may not be accepted into both Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band, as both ensembles rehearse at the same time. In terms of rank the groups appear in the following order:  Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble. Chamber Ensembles are the most desired group for band students, as it is extremely exclusive and select.  Band students may be accepted into orchestra, as a full orchestra includes all instruments. Albeit an orchestra does include a vast majority of string instruments, a select few band members are accepted into the orchestra in order to fufill certain parts in the chosen pieces.

On their audition sheets, student applicants may check off which groups they are interested in. The highest-ranking students are afforded access into the groups of their choice. If the first chair member did not check off for a specific ensemble, the next highest chair will be allowed access into that group.

Twenty-two talented East students placed into the 2015 All South Jersey Orchestra and String Ensemble. East students executed exceptional auditions in band and orchestra auditions, allowing for superior placement in various ensembles. Elizabeth Bishop (‘18) proved to be an incredibly strong asset for East, placing in both the All South Jersey Band as well as the Orchestra. Bishop placed first for Bass in Band, receiving a place in Wind Ensemble. Furthermore, Bishop placed third for Bass in Orchestra.

Many sophomores auditioned for ensembles, yielding accordingly pleasing results. Daniel Kim (‘17) placed first in All South Jersey Orchestra for high school cellos. This is Kim’s second year for taking first chair in All South Jersey Orchestra. Emma Parker (‘17) received fourth chair in All South Jersey Band for flute, placing into Orchestra. Jesse Wu (‘17) placed third chair for Alto Saxophone for All South Jersey Band, placing into Symphonic Band.

Several East juniors performed exceedingly well in All South Jersey auditions. Pranav Iyer (‘16) placed right below Wu with fourth chair for Alto Saxophone, also securing a chair in Symphonic Band. Alexander Kim (‘16) placed second chair for Oboe in All South Jersey Band, placing into Orchestra. Also receiving second chair was Nick Cornatzer (‘16). Cornatzer placed into Wind Ensemble for Euphonium. Minwoo Lee (‘16) received fourth chair in All South Jersey Band for Bb Clarinet for both Wind Ensemble and Orchestra.

Despite the few East seniors who auditioned for ensembles, the ones who did were very successful. Following a precedent set last year, Andrew Magnus (‘15) once again received first chair for high school violas in All South Jersey Orchestra. Abigail Hong (‘15) placed second chair for high school violins.

Atypically, the results for the ASJ Band were posted late overnight, as opposed to the list’s usual posting on the same day, around 7:00 p.m.

For certain instruments, in which enough students were not selected, re-auditions will be held. At 9:15 a.m. on Saturday Dec. 20, students will be allowed to re-audition at Cinnaminson High School. For the high school division, these instruments include English Horn, Basson, Eb Clarinet, Contra Clarinet, Harp and Bass.

All students permitted into All South Jersey may also audition for the prestigious All State Band and Orchestra.