Stories of the Past trickle down to East Student at “The Fountains”

Phoebe Rosica, Eastside Staff

Community service. It may not initially appear fun, but if you find something you love, which will help out the community, community service can really be rewarding and even enjoyable. Helping out the community is very important and benefits many.

Over the past year I volunteered at The Fountains retirement home, located in Atco NJ, with my church’s youth group. This experience was extremely eye opening for me. The vast majority of the elderly citizens that I had conversations with were content with their lives and spoke of remarkable stories of the past. Nonetheless, there still remained the few citizens who seemed dissatisfied and rather melancholy. Upon seeing people in such a state of misery, the emotions I felt were indescribable.

While the event was distressing, it most certainly opened my eyes. It taught me to take advantage of all the opportunities that life presents to me, as one day I may no longer have the chance. It taught me to live my life now versus worrying about what the future holds. A woman, by the name of Mary, particularly stole my heart. She was incredibly sweet, blissful and jubilant despite her older age.

I also ended up painting the nails of the various women who wanted them done, which was another great and uplifting experience. I was able to sit down personally with each and every women, allowing me to talk to them about their family and life at the retirement home.

The Fountains is such a beautiful place that is full of inspiration and motivation to help out around the community. I have volunteered there twice with my youth group and I always eagerly anticipate returning back.