Oki Maki’s seaweed cones bring new tastes to the sushi restaurant


Courtesy of I Am A Food Blog

Seaweed cones are a new take on the famous dish

Have you been to the most innovative sushi spot nearby? Oki Maki on 910 Haddonfield-Berlin Road offers some of the coolest options for sushi lovers to date. Featuring intriguing products such as the sushi burrito and sushi cone, the restaurant has been able to provide a new sort of Japanese cuisine to many customers.

The sushi burrito (maki) begins as a large piece of nori (seaweed) with a healthy portion of rice layered on top. From this point, the restaurant is similar to Chipotle in that customers can customize their meals. They can choose a protein, three vegetables, a crunchy item and a sauce of choice, from spicy mayo to honey wasabi.

The next item on the menu is a sushi salad. Adding a bed of rice to the salad turns it into a don. The salad and don both offer the same protein options, including shrimp, yellowtail and salmon.

In my eyes, the most intriguing on the menu is the cone, a large seaweed chip in the shape of a cone that is both soft and crunchy, which you stuff to the brim with the aforementioned ingredients. Workers fill the cone with three seperate layers of sauce, keeping the meal delicious the whole way through. The cone is the most versatile choice, offering multiple ways of eating and a delectable experience throughout. Its only drawback is its smaller portion size compared to the don.

Oki Maki offers a whole host of ramen options, including beef, chicken, ebi and cha su. It also serves dumplings and specialty sushi rolls.

The restaurant is decorated with Japanese cartoons in a beautiful modern style. The interior design itself would surely be enough to draw in customers, and, according to employees, it does. In hipster fashion, Oki Maki offers traditional Japanese drinks, sodas and boxed water. Best of all, the chain provides a stamp card giving customers a free item of choice once they spend one hundred dollars. Not exactly a bargain but a nice incentive.

If you have an hour to kill or a stomach to fill, give Oki Maki a try.