‘Christopher Robin’ brings childlike glee to grown-up characters


In Christopher Robin, Ewan McGregor’s title character reconciles his adult stresses with the joy of his childhood adventures in the Hundred-Acre Woods. Image courtesy of Animation World Media.

Henry Nolan, Eastside Culture Editor

Christopher Robin is the second movie about Winnie the Pooh and company to come out in the last year. This beloved character seems to be enjoying a revival in the media.

The last movie, Goodbye Christopher Robin, was all about the real-life story behind the stories from the Hundred Acre Woods. It was not particularly acclaimed by critics. By contrast, Christopher Robin was well-received.

Christopher Robin, starring Ewan McGregor, is about the fictional Christopher of the original stories, and how Pooh and friends come back to affect his later life many years after his childhood adventures ceased,. It features semi-realistic animation to portray the stuffed animals, and editing that neatly inserts them into the world of the humans.

The way these stuffed animals are displayed is unique compared to other Winnie the Pooh movies. The animals are depicted more realistically, but they do not allow the audience to forget that they are toys. Pooh’s arm is shown clearly on an axle, and the creased bodies of Kanga and Roo remind one that these animals are made of felt. This adds to the given impression that the movie is all part of a child’s game.

The movie is a light-hearted, cute display of a grown man regaining his childhood innocence, with Christopher Robin going through an arc very similar to that of Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. McGregor portrays this character in a magnificently vapid manner. The term vapid here is not intended to diminish the performance, as it is exactly the way this role should have been played.)

Christopher Robin’s thin plot line makes it the perfect movie to watch for fun. The movie’s plot is easy to follow, and the messages are clear, so it does not demand the attention of the audience for the entire run time. This is the type of movie that you can watch in the afternoon while doing other things that are more important, to put yourself at ease.

Christopher Robin  reminds people who are passionate about the art of film that there is more to cinema than making meaningful art. This film also shows that there are ways to use film to entertain other than excessive action and maximized explosions. Overall, this film is the most enjoyable example of a “sweet nothing.”