Marlee Zeitz

Marlee Zeitz, Eastside Sports Editor

Marlee Elana Zeitz, NOT named after Bob Marley, is outgoing and loves to have fun. Marlee loves to dance as she spends a lot of time in the studio, practicing with her team. She has danced for 15 years now. Another favorite place of hers is the couch because she is mostly found taking power naps or playing on her phone/computer. Marlee loves food, however, she does not like junk food- at all. She would definitely prefer a home cooked meal than a Hershey bar. Marlee loves to write as math is pretty much deathlike. Marlee loves and cares about her friends, family, dog, school, dance, phone, the kids she babysits and sleep. She is thankful for Eastside and is happy to be a sports editor for the second year in a row. PS- don't be alarmed if she asks you 5,000 questions!!

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