Sophomore class takes win for crab soccer


Rachel Becker

Students smile and laugh as they transform into “crabs” for crab soccer.

Marlee Zeitz, Eastside Sports Editor

Today, November 19, at approximately 10:50 a.m. the first event of Spirit Week 2014 took place in the DiBart Gym. All four grades battled it out on the court playing crab soccer! The four grades sat in a square along the perimeter of half the court.

The game started with each player getting a number from 1-20, having only 20 players on a team. Mr. Davis started with explaining the rules. The team with the lowest amount of points wins and ten rounds would take place.

The first round consisted of all even numbers; the ball went over the freshman line. The second round consisted of all odd numbers and the ball went over the senior line giving the seniors their first out. The third round was number 8 then numbers 2 and 14 were added, ball went over the senior line again. Numbers 16-20 were then called; ball went over the junior line this time!

Fifth round gave the sophomores another point. Sixth round, the freshmen added a point to their score. Seventh round, all even numbers went in and the Junior Class got the point. The juniors got a point the eighth round as well. Ninth round, all multiples of 3 went in, giving the freshmen a point. Tenth round, sophomores got the point however the game ended and the sophomores won!

Good effort to all of the grades involved! Tug of war takes place tomorrow in the DiBart gym during lunch break one.