Jenna Wilson

Jenna Wilson, Eastside Editor-in-Chief

Jenna Wilson loves the color black for all seasons, and will wear white after labor day. She is a feminist, who blogs about her frustrations with sexism and discrimination on her blog, The Mirror Reflects. Jenna has the most diverse music taste, as she enjoys listening to everything from The Ramones, to Bjork, to One Direction. Her goal in life is to change the world in one way or another, become Editor-in-Cheif of Vogue and touch Harry Styles' hair. If you are looking for her during the school week, you'll find her running between F-Wing and B-Wing, as she has all her classes on alternating sides of the school. On the weekends, Jenna is most likely in the city with her best friends. She likes cats better than dogs, and baby pigs better than cats. She has a pet betta fish named Fred, who she treats like a real person.

You can follow her on twitter @jenwils14 or check out her blog themirrorreflects.com


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