Seniors defeat juniors 46-30 in Powder Puff


Sara Salkin

Juniors happily pose for the camera after Powder Puff game.

Jared Fisch, For Eastside

In this year’s nail-biting Powder Puff football game, the seniors came out on top with a score of 46-30. The juniors came out with the first touchdown scored by Smith (’16) followed by the extra point scored by Cetel (’16). But the seniors came right back with a touchdown by Karnado (’15). This ended the first quarter at a tie.

After the break, Miller (’16) came out and scored a touchdown for the juniors. After a failed attempt at an extra point, the seniors came right back with a touchdown by Spivak (’15). After Karnado (’15) kicked the extra point, the seniors had the lead.

The juniors failed to take the lead when they threw an interception. On the seniors drive, Pintel (’15) scored and the seniors continued to take the lead. This was followed up by another touchdown and extra point for the seniors.

Under junior possession the seniors were penalized 5 yards. Garemore (’16) scored a touchdown for the juniors and Cetel (’16) hit the extra point but the juniors were still behind.

At halftime the score was 30-22 with the seniors in the lead. Karnado (’15) scored another touchdown for the seniors and the nail-biter turned into a blowout.

“We pulled a lot of flags,” said Allison Carusi (’15) of the senior team. Carusi played safety for the seniors, whose defense was ferocious. They allowed 30 points, but that was enough for the seniors to slip by with a 16 point victory.

Minutes ticked by in the fourth quarter and the juniors started scoring again but their attempted comeback was shut down by the senior’s defense.

The final seconds ticked down and the seniors won the game. The senior team gathered together excited from their victory.

Carusi (‘15) said, “It feels good to win, seniors usually win so we are passing down the tradition.”

The seniors have dominated, and with this year’s win, continue to dominate the Powder Puff game.