Florida Department of Transportation Authorizes Payment to Possibly Relocate more Migrants in Coming Days


Daniel Uhlfelder

An image of the payment made to Vertol Company Systems Inc. by the Florida Department of Transportation.

On September 19th, the Florida Department of Transportation released transparency documents showing that a second payment of $950,000 had been paid to Vertol Systems Company Inc., the same company which undertook the transfer of nearly 50 Venezuelan migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard on behalf of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ( R ) this past week. It is worth reiterating that this is the second payment made to this corporation, with the first having paid for the controversial transportation of the Venezuelan migrants.

The invoice on the payment designates the money for “PROJ 2-3,” whereas the first invoice designates it for “Project 1,” suggesting that DeSantis may plan to perform the same stunt twice more. And, the Florida Department of Transportation categorizes this new payment as part of the “Relocation Program,” further suggesting what some may fear: DeSantis could send more migrants to Democratic “sanctuaries,” as he calls them.

The Florida Department of Transportation will now have spent a total of $1,565,000 on its Relocation Program, including the $615,000 appropriated for the first stunt, of which there could soon be three. Eastside Online is currently in the process of investigating the workings of Vertol Systems Company Inc. and will soon publicize more information about it.