Cherry Hill schools rise to COVID-19 orange zone

Cherry Hill rises to the orange zone.

Courtesy of NJDOH

Cherry Hill rises to the orange zone.

According to the NJDOH’s CALI scale for COVID-19, the southwest region of New Jersey has recently escalated to the orange zone, meaning that the southwest region of New Jersey, including East and Cherry Hill schools, is at a high risk as the number of COVID-19 outbreaks is increasing and hospitals fill up.

This recent change can also be seen in the East community as the number of cases is rising and more students are attending class through Google Meet once again. Cherry Hill is one level away from being considered a red zone, which would put the area at a very high risk. Reaching the red zone would equate to a mandatory mask mandate being reimplemented in East and other Cherry Hill schools.

Although Cherry Hill has not yet reached the red zone, administrators note that the community will be informed if masks are needed again.