Two weeks after the original tragedy, a second earthquake hits Turkey


Courtesy of Ihlas New Agency (IHA) via REUTERS

Aftershock earthquakes continue in Turkey in the aftermath of its tragedy.

Two weeks ago, a major earthquake rocked Turkey and Syria, killing thousands of people and leaving hundreds more critically injured. On Monday, February 20, an aftershock earthquake hit the southern Turkish border, right near Syria. 


This most recent earthquake has inflicted casualties, resulting in even more devastation to already broken communities. This most recent earthquake was recorded at a 6.3 magnitude earthquake whereas the one previously was a 7.8. 


Due to the immense amount of turmoil in the affected countries, field hospitals have taken up residence in the destruction. Already, the make-shift centers are overflowing. Even before the most recent earthquake, survivors were still being found, including even a baby who was born in the rubble, but now, the search has to start anew for both victims of the last earthquake and those of the most recent one. 


Despite all of the heartbreak that the countries have endured, in the face of this tragedy, the world has most certainly come together. Volunteers and medical agencies from across the globe have traveled to the two countries to aid in whatever ways possible and charitable drives have been ongoing.


The earthquakes have not been the only catastrophic weather events in the recent year, however. The US has also faced its own share of weather events in the past two months, albeit, not of the same magnitude. Blizzards and heavy rainstorms have plagued the country, and mudslides have not been uncommon, especially in California. 


It is important that in times like these, people come together and help each other as weather tragedy and the impact of climate is something that affects everyone. Showing human compassion during devastating events is the most uniting thing people can do amongst all the strife in the world.