“Good old friend” – Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin attend summit in Moscow


Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping during their 3/20/23-3/21/23 summit (Courtesy of AP News)


Shortly after the International Criminal Courts publicly announced Vladimir Putin’s warrant for arrest, Chinese president Xi Jinping visited Russia in a diplomatic pursuit of a potential peace between the warring Russia and Ukraine.. Diplomatic relations with the two countries are strong, with Putin calling Xi Jinping as a “good old friend” and deeming their relationship as “superior to that of the political and military unions of the Cold War era.” 

The ongoing Russo-Ukraine war was discussed within their meeting in Moscow. Being straightforward and “candid”, China discussed its relatively neutral view of the conflict, aiming for peace rather than a victory from one of the two sides. In turn, Putin thanked Xi Jinping for his “balanced attitude” on the manner. Yet, despite their viewpoints on the current conflict, both of the leaders united in their growing dissent towards, as Putin described, the West’s “envy” and condemnation. It’s no surprise, then, that the two also discussed possible defense ties, military cooperation, and overall willingness to aid each other in promoting a “multipolar” world. In a special acknowledgement of America’s increasing military presence, both additionally “urge[d] the United States to stop undermining international and regional security”. 

Yet, growing Sino-Russian relations could benefit both countries immensely. Both countries are suspicious of NATO, which increased military presence in both of their surrounding territories. Additionally, Russia and China are both applying military pressures to sovereign countries, with Russia currently over a year into its invasion of Ukraine and China increasing its military presence near Taiwan. An economic tie between the two countries would complement both of their growing economic detriments. Russia, rich in natural resources but lacking in population perfectly complements China’s burgeoning economy, huge population, but low natural-resource territory. Regardless, these Sino-Russian relations are a sign of a strengthening and increasingly more unified global opposition to the United States and the West.