Rastelli Market Fresh imparts fresh food for unreasonable prices


Courtesy of nj.com

Rastelli Market Fresh offers a wide selection of quality meat to its customers.

Setting the scene in the small town of Deptford, NJ in 1976, a nineteen year old ambitious teenage boy sits quietly on a bench watching the townsfolk bustle past. The young teenager, Ray Rastelli, already a husband and father, struggled to afford his rent. Thus, on that bench, Rastelli formulated a desperate and bold plan to rectify his economic problems and support his family. On that day, a million-dollar company was born.

Rastelli decided to rent a small storefront in his hometown and sell what he believed the town lacked: premium meats. He called his new business “The Meat Stop” and tended to the meaty needs of his customers. His business prospered and soon he and his brother Tony Rastelli joined forces to commence the International Rastelli Foods Group.

At the place where it all began, The Meat Stop has evolved today into the current and renovated Rastelli Market Fresh. Recently, a second Rastelli Market Fresh has opened in Marlton near Route 70.

The supermarket does not only feature typical grocery items, but it also provides customers with specialty food items, hand-cut meats, full service catering and prepared meals. The Marlton location also includes a full wine, beer and spirits selection, in addition to a sushi bar, a taquería and an indoor/outdoor seating area.

Despite Rastelli Market Fresh’s impressive display and variety of unique selections, Rastelli vies against large corporate supermarkets such as ShopRite, Trader Joe’s, Wegmans and Whole Foods. Rastelli faces a challenge as his market rivals Wegmans and Whole Foods, especially because these two supermarkets offer similar luxuries for lower prices.

Nonetheless, while more popular chain supermarkets are dispersed throughout the country, Rastelli Market Fresh only has locations in New Jersey even though Rastelli Foods Group is international. Therefore, customers can rely on locally grown and processed goods upon buying groceries there.

In the supermarket, Rastelli Market Fresh has a meat department, seafood department, local produce department, “Made to Order” department, coffee and juice department, wine and cheese department and a bakery.

Rastelli Market Fresh may not be a well-known option, but as a segment of Rastelli Foods Group it has been gaining support and popularity.

This organization supplies U.S. troops with the majority of their food and beverages. It also supplies restaurants and businesses through an online ordering system.

Rastelli Market Fresh has the potential to be as successful as a corporate supermarket, but first it needs to reduce prices and gain local customers’ support to survive against the fierce competition.