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Swirl’in Ice Cream & Cereal Bar offers a unique take on ice cream

Dino Russo (’26)
Some of the ice cream options offered at Swirl’in

Located on Greentree Rd, in Evesham, Swirl’in Ice Cream & Cereal Bar serves something unconventional: ice cream infused with cereal. These cereals can range from Cocoa Puffs to Lucky Charms to Fruit Loops.

8 creative flavors make up their main menu. However, elements of customizability include countless more. They offer make-your-own ice cream in which you can change the flavor of your ice cream; the ‘style’ of it (i.e., cone, cup, or milkshake); add-ons like cereal, candy toppings, and pretzels; as well as options for different types of drizzles. On top of this, they sell cookies and donuts.

My family and I tried Cap’n Swirl, Camp Fire, Cookie Monster, and a make-your-own ice cream. The Cap’n Swirl was my favorite of the bunch that we got there. It consists of vanilla ice cream infused with Cap’n Crunch cereal topped with pretzels, mini chocolate chips, and a caramel drizzle. Pretzels in ice cream initially had me a little disgusted, but I learned to accept them. The pretzels add a great savory balance to the already very sweet combo of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream.

Next was the Camp Fire ice cream, which consisted of vanilla ice cream and Golden Grahams galore. The vanilla ice cream was infused with Golden Grahams as well as topped with them. Other toppings put on were mini chocolate chips and a marshmallow drizzle. I will admit that the marshmallow drizzle appeared to be a lot less than in the photo on their website, but that does not change much about the ice cream for me. The infusion with the Golden Grahams gave the typically soft ice cream a nice and amplified texture. In fact, mostly all ice creams benefit in terms of texture from their infusions with cereal. The amplified texture coupled well with the adequate sugary and sweet taste.

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The Cookie Monster consisted of vanilla ice cream infused with Cookie Crisp cereal and topped with Cookie Dough Bites, crushed Oreos, and a chocolate drizzle. This ice cream should also have Oreo O’s, but we did not get them. We do not know the exact reason, but it is likely that they ran out. Either way, Cookie Monster is an all right ice cream. It tastes similar to cookies & cream milkshakes you would find at other establishments like Shake Shack. I particularly like how this ice cream follows a specific theme– it clearly defines what kind of taste and texture Swirl’in is going for. Most of their offerings focus on something specific: Berry Delicious is all about berries and fruit-flavored add-ons, Peanut Butter Blast is very evidently about peanut butter flavor, and so on.

My make-your-own ice cream was chocolate ice cream infused with Honey Nut Cheerios, topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a chocolate drizzle. Since I customized it myself, I was not surprised that I liked it. My one recommendation for customization is to not shy away from being crazy with their options. My customized ice cream was fairly safe, but they give you numerous options to create something that seems a bit horrific but, in reality, is really good.

All in all, I enjoyed Swirl’in Ice Cream & Cereal Bar. I honestly thought I would not like the infusion of cereal in ice cream, but I often found it to be an ingenious and thoroughly executed idea. All of their ice cream flavors are $8, which feels appropriate since the ice cream is in a great, suitable quantity. The make-your-own offerings vary in price depending on how much you add or take away from your ice cream. Considering how much we fancied Swirl’in, we will definitely return to try some more ice cream.

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