Local supermarkets prove to have differences

In 2012, it was reported that there were 37,053 supermarkets in the United States, according to Progressive Grocer Magazine.

In Cherry Hill and its surrounding towns, there are multiple supermarkets within walking distance from each other. Local supermarkets include ShopRite, Trader Joes, Wegmans and Whole Foods.

Although they are all supermarkets, all of the markets have something distinct that sets them apart from each other.

Trader Joes is known for its delicious frozen and premade meals for a low price. This market is the smallest out of the other supermarkets in the area. The store recently added on an extra frozen foods section in the back of their Marlton location. Trader Joes is one of the more unique and quirky supermarkets in the area. “We are unique because we have our own value brand. Ninety-five percent of the store is the Trader Joes brand,” said a store employee, George. “We search all over the world to get quality food for the customer.” Quality comes first for the makers of the food at Trader Joes. The majority of the food is healthy and good quality but does not come with a hefty price tag. The food is not the only thing that sets Trader Joes apart from other markets in the Cherry Hill area. “The atmosphere is completely different from most stores. It is fun to shop here,” explains George. The food and the atmosphere may be part of the reason that customers keep on returning to purchase their food from Trader Joes. George also stated that customer service is important to those that work at the store. “Our customer service is legendary,” said George. “Our store is always in the top three on Consumer Reports.” Trader Joes is sure to stay one of the best supermarkets in quality and customer satisfaction.

Whole Foods has multiple locations throughout most of the United States.

Just like Trader Joes, Whole Foods has a nearby location in Marlton. This market has everything from specialty health foods to flowers. The store features a salad bar, sushi corner, pastry display and a gelato bar. There are seats near the cash registers to eat meals purchased while shopping. The store is notably unique for many reasons. A store employee, Vinny said, “We are unique because of our customer service and the quality of food.” Much like Trader Joes, the quality of food is very important to those customers that shop at Whole Foods. A large quantity of the merchandise sold is organic. Also, a lot of the meat and other farm products are local and grown at farms in New Jersey. Any person that goes to Whole Foods knows that they are getting quality food, even though the prices may be high compared to other supermarkets in the area.

Another supermarket, Wegmans is located on the west side of Cherry Hill. Much like Whole Foods, Wegmans also has an area for eating meals on the second floor. There is an Asian section, Italian section and American section among others. The massive store is stocked with multiple kinds produce, meats and toiletries. Wegmans, also like Trader Joes, is known for customer service. “Wegmans is a great supermarket to shop at because we have great customer satisfaction. We are customer friendly,” said a store employee, Nick. “Also, we are different because of how we market. Our store is also clean.” Cleanliness, much like quality is very important to customers. A clean supermarket is sure to keep customers coming back.

ShopRite is arguably the most popular supermarket in Cherry Hill. With locations on Springdale Road and Route 70, the store is very convenient to most families in Cherry Hill. Unlike the other supermarkets in the immediate area, the ShopRite on Route 70 has a kosher section with many kosher types of meat, fish and bakery items.

All of the supermarkets in and near Cherry Hill have many different items to offer. The supermarkets are all convenient enough to support all families’ needs.