Families gather at the Croft Farm Harvest Festival

On Oct. 19, numerous families gathered at the Cherry Hill Harvest Festival to participate in fun, family-oriented events that all celebrated the coming of fall.

For over 25 years, the annual Harvest Festival has transpired for the enjoyment of the Cherry Hill community. The festival, held at Croft Farm every year, is a completely open and free event. From noon to 4 p.m., hundreds of people partake in the games and activities that the festival offers.

Some notable attendees of this year’s festival include Chuck Cahn, the Cherry Hill mayor, various members of the Cherry Hill Police Department and members of the Cherry Hill Fire Department.

Furthermore, the Harvest Festival incorporates a Fire and Life Safety Day. Hosted by the Police and Fire Department, the Fire and Life Safety Day has ensued for seven years now. The relatively new event coincides with October’s theme as Fire Safety month.

The festival includes a number of seasonal themed activities including hayrides, horseback riding, a petting zoo, and pumpkin picking. At the pumpkin patch, residents can personally pick and take home their very own pumpkins. Springdale Farms, which grows its own food, also sells a number of baked goods and fresh produce at the Harvest Festival.

For those interested in the arts, the Croft Farm Arts Center has a variety of digital photography on display for the public for its Fall Into the Arts exhibit display.

The exhibit features a variety of local photographers with unique and distinct artistic concepts. All of the work represented at the exhibit can be purchased from the arts center.

Younger children can also participate in crafts, climb rock walls, and walk in the Halloween costume parade that takes place later in the festival.

Preparation for the festival requires a great amount of effort from several different organizations that help to ensure that the event will be successful.

“We usually start planning about 6 months in advance,” said The Festival Event Coordinator, Megan Brown, “We start setting up at around 7 a.m. on the day of the festival.”

Many attendees of the Harvest Festival are returning festivalgoers, including the Ambrose family.

“We’ve been coming for four years now…it’s a great event for the family,” said Melissa Ambrose.

Whether you enjoy horseback riding or appreciate viewing digital art, the entire family will enjoy a day well spent at the Cherry Hill Harvest Festival.