Did the Juno Snow Storm live up to the hype surrounding the event?

The eagerness was set to an all time high as Cherry Hill school district students awaited the flashing blue lights on the district website to state that school was cancelled due to inclement weather. Storm Juno was expected to be a massive blizzard that would become a major inconvenience for jobs, transportation and education purposes on Jan. 27. Was the craze for this terrifying storm as realistic as expected?

Inclement can be defined as unpleasantly cold, or wet, pertaining to the weather. Cherry Hill had received soft sheets of snow, which within seconds turned into gray and gooey slush compared to the anticipated “packing snow.” Although this storm struck areas such as Long Island and New England states, the fear of it interfering on South Jersey citizen’s way of life was definitely an understatement.

Monday night, the day prior to the alleged snow storm, New Jersey State Governor, Chris Christie, called for a state of emergency. Witnessing just one single, sparkling and delicate snowflake hit the pavement, Christie advised New Jersey citizens to stay off the roads and to cancel schools and offices. This not only slowed down New Jersey businesses, but also halted students’ education.

Snowstorms have always been notorious for interfering with school days. For example, in 2010, there was a period of time when the total district school days missed cumulated into a week’s span, so it would be understandable for the district to cancel school. Although there have been extreme warning for snow days in the past, it is still beneficial for all New Jersey citizens to be cautious of the weather, just in case desperate times inevitably call for desperate measures.