The first meeting of the Sean Connery Club

On October 13, a multitude of boys came together for Cherry Hill East’s first meeting of the Sean Connery Club. With a turnout of 29 people, the meeting began with an assortment of food and a decision process as to what movie should be viewed. Amongst the choices were “Dr. No” and “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” each, of course, starring the club’s hero, action-flick star Sean Connery.

The club was founded by Dan Perlman (’10), Jordan Fox (’10) and Jared Widman (’10). According to Fox, the idea came to the trio in Latin class last year when they took found great amusement in making Sean Connery impressions on a daily basis. While at first a joke, the idea gained more attention amongst the three boys and they decided to make a real club. Their Latin teacher, Ms. Nora Smaldore, who underwent the daily Sean Connery banter, agreed to be advisor of the club. “They’re my boys. I do what I can for them,” she said.

While girls are always welcome to attend, the group is a real man’s man kind of club. The boys bond while playing cards, talking quietly and commenting on the beloved Sean Connery movie pick of the day. Each movie involves some sort of engaging spy, action, “shoot ‘em up” type of plot.

“It’s something that you have to experience,” said Perlman, “Some element of his work embodies what it means for a human being to create art.” When asked about their fascination with Sean Connery, the members of the club echoed similar responses of “He’s just awesome,” “Why not love him?” and “He has a really cool accent.”

The club will meet every Monday after school to bond through the common admiration of Sean Connery’s work.