Freshmen practice for their first Spirit Week Dance

Friday afternoon marked the sixth freshman practice for the spirit week dance and all signs indicate that this year’s freshman squad won’t be going down without a fight.  

“If we lose, we’re all going to cry in shame,” said Nydajah Hayes (’12) across a room of thirty freshman. 

Strong words for a freshman, one would think. However, for the class of 2012, confidence is ubiquitous.  

“I think we’ll do really well,” said Carly Greenberg (’12), one of the several choreographers for the freshman.  

Despite the fact that the dance, which will be held on November 25 at 7pm, has never been won by a freshman class, Greenberg feels the team still has a chance.  

“I’ve seen the spirit week dance before, [I’ve seen] other grades’ dances and their props, so I know what to expect.” 

Still, Greenberg admits that choreographing is a tough job. 

“Getting everyone’s attention is pretty hard, but we’re managing.”  

Along with Greenberg, Vice President Lindsay Duboff (’12) is helping organize the freshman dance. Duboff said that the biggest challenge is getting everyone involved.

“A lot people don’t know what the dance is. We’ve been going around to homerooms to try and get people to participate,” said Duboff. 

Still, the freshmen are pleased with their progress after the first week of practices.  

“I think we’re doing really well. We all work pretty well together and the dance flows nicely,” said Cody Allen (’12), who has been helping lead the boy’s dance along with Dan Fabi (’12). 

Experience or not, this confident class of 2012 is looking to turn some heads at this years competition.  

As Hayes said, “We’re going to bring it to the top!” 

What it is remains to be seen.