• ELECTION RESULTS 2019: President; Oliver Adler ('20), Vice President; Jake Brooks ('20), Paul Bruce ('20), Jeffrey Kaminer ('21), and Tyler Semon ('21)

Learning outside of the classroom

Leah Korn ('16)/ Eastside Staff

February 3, 2014

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For most students winter break means a break from the rigors of the classroom. However, this year, for twenty students at East winter break did not mean a break from learning. These students embarked on a two- week trip to Israel....

Violence in Israel continues

Kobi Malamud ('12) / Eastside Radio Manager

August 23, 2011

Filed under Global Commentary

Just as it seems tensions in the middle Middle East couldn’t get any worse, Israel has once again joined the chaos after being subjected to recent violence. The trouble began last Thursday after a small group of terrorists...

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