Guard Schlessel has quick recovery

Christopher Jung ('12), Eastside Contributing Writer

Last season’s Boys Varsity Basketball starting shooting guard, Marc Schlessel (’12) was excited for his second varsity campaign. However, when he collided into an opposing player in the team’s fall league at Paul IV one Sunday night in November, Schlessel unfortunately suffered a broken left hand. His left hand “started to get swollen up,” and x-ray results verified that he had “two breaks” at the back of his hand. Even though Marc thought that he needed “a surgery at first” to fully recover from the injury, the doctor confirmed that 6 weeks of cast would be long enough for a full recovery. Even then, Marc, who did not simply want to miss out the beginning of the season or let the team’s spirit down, did his best to quicken the process of recovery: The guard drank “lots of calcium,” such as “a lot of milk and calcium fortified orange juice,” hoping that additional ingestion of calcium would expedite the recovery. As he had hoped, Schlessel was “very lucky” as he was able to have his cast removed after off only 4 weeks.

When Marc was going to presumably miss the beginning of the season, many worried who was going to fill up Marc’s spot. The sudden accident of injury right before the season led people to feel concerned about how the season would start off. Nevertheless, although Marc himself did not know who exactly was going to replace him, he had “confidence” that his team would have done very well even in his absence, saying that “they have a very good team this year.”

Now that Marc has taken off his cast, he feels “very excited to play.” However, instead of simply getting excited about not having to miss out the beginning of the season, Marc wants to “get back in the shape,” as he prepares for the upcoming season.