The Secret Garden themed Freshman dance proves to be a hit

East students danced together at the Secret Garden themed Freshman Dance on Friday, Jan. 8.

“The theme is Secret Garden. It is a combination of outdoorsy and fancy,” said Zoe Culver (‘19), a freshman class representative.

Over 500 students attended the dance and about 130 of the students were upperclassmen.

Students walked into the school on a path lined with white and aqua colored paper bags with candles inside of them. Inside of the school, a sign emblazoned with the words “Secret Garden” greeted the students as they walk into the dance. The cafeteria, decorated with twinkling lights, flowers, stars and butterflies, transformed into a magical garden.

“The decorations look beautiful,” said Ali Pollack (’16), “I can tell [students] put a lot of work into them.”

There was a variety of food options provided at the dance including Chick-Fil-A, pigs in a blanket and mozzarella sticks.

“There is an ice cream sundae bar and cupcakes and lemonade. All the food is really good.” said Brooke Olin (‘19), a freshman class representative.

At the end of the dance, students received a light blue t-shirt. The front of the t-shirt in the top left has a gray key with “CHE” printed above it and “Class of 2019” printed below it.

On the back is a tree with yellow butterflies around it and lit white candles on the bottom. “Secret Garden” is written in white letters over the tree with “Freshman Dance January 8, 2016” written in black underneath it.

The students who attended the Freshman Dance had an amazing time partying at the Secret Garden.