Freshmen see their futures at East at Orientation

Incoming freshmen got a taste of the future as they walked into the auditorium, watching this past year’s graduation on the projector.

At Freshmen Orientation on August 29, the second of two orientations, Principal Dr. John O Breza talked about what he expected from the incoming students.

“There is something in this building for everyone,” said O’Breza.

O’Breza emphasized the importance of getting involved with extra-curricular activities, and he said that he wanted students to join an activity at school rather than going home to watch “Oprah.”

 “Students who commit themselves to both their academics and extra-curricular activities are happier,” said O’Breza.

Following O’Breza was Mr. Robert Hulme, principal of the Class of 2012.  After fifteen years at East as athletic director, this year is Hulme’s first as a grade level principal.

After the speeches, the students and the parents split up as the freshmen went to classrooms in groups to talk to student government representatives. In those classrooms, students asked some last minute questions, like what to bring on the first day of school and how lab days work.

Student representatives talked about the differences between middle school and high school and gave students tips on how to act in class. They also explained that most students carry their backpacks around in school and that now they must take finals. A student representative even explained how to get on the teachers’ good sides.

“Don’t throw food at teachers,” said Max Silverberg (’11) after mentioning a food fight that occurred last year.

Overall, incoming freshmen got a better understanding of what to look forward to in their high school careers.