Blood Drive collects 246 pints of blood for Red Cross

The Cherry Hill East blood drive had another successful year. Starting on November 11 and ending on November 12, the helpers all felt great progress was being made.

“I think we have been right on schedule with our goal which was 230 people,” Todd Hummel (’09), chair person, said.

On day one alone, about 135 people donated blood, which earned the drive 137 pints of blood. The goal for the first day was 130 pints of blood, a goal that was clearly over achieved. Aside from the school participants, around 30 community donors came to donate on the first day. Overall, 246 pints were collected over the two days. The blood drive exceeded it’s goal of 230 pints by 16 pints.

“It’s been pretty standard,” says Mr. Davis, head coordinator of the blood drive. “Everyone understands what’s expected.”

The environment of the drive is very friendly and welcoming for all donors. Many people have helped to organize the drive, as well as participate in making it run as smoothly as possible. The American Red Cross association takes the blood, thus many nurses are needed for this process.

“In high schools it’s more fun because of the kids and the environment. I like coming to high schools,” said one nurse who takes blood about five to six days a week.

Overall, the blood drive is a great way to lend a hand, and donate to a deserving cause.