Erdong Chen to compete for second consecutive win in Wing Bowl

With Wing Bowl in exactly 24 hours, there is speculation on whether or not last year’s champion Erdong Chen (’11) can keep the crown.

Chen said that he has no worries.  He won’t focus on the other contestants, only on himself and how many wings he will be able to eat. Last year, Chen officially ate 69 wings but claims that poor judging took 5 wings away from him.

This year, Chen is setting his sights on 80-90 wings. Chen’s preparations for the event are plain and simple.

“Last Saturday, I went to a buffet and ate a lot of wings. I eat normally during the week and on Friday, I just won’t eat anything.” he said.

Last year, Chen became the first freshman to win the Wing Bowl. With a win this year, he would be half way to becoming the first ever four-time Wing Bowl champion, a prospect that excites him. Chen admitted to having a fever today, but claims that he will be ready to go on Friday.

One thing is for sure, all eyes will be on Chen this Friday when he sits down for what could be the most important meal of his young life. Will he overcome the pressure of keeping his title and once again shock East’s competitive eating world? Or will a new challenger rise from the crowd and usurp Chen’s throne? It all happens this Friday at 6 pm in the DiBart gym.