East’s Symphony Orchestra Receives Honors to Perform in D.C over President’s Day Weekend

Cherry Hill East Orchestra performing.

Courtesy of: Cherry Hill East Music

Cherry Hill East Orchestra performing.

Ryan Boyle, Eastside Staff

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Led by the exemplary musicianship of teacher Timothy Keleher, Cherry Hill East’s very own Symphony Orchestra can be heard down school halls rehearsing musical literature with tactful precision. All the months of rehearsals during lunchtime and class-time has been spent in perform within the Concert Hall of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. On February 17th, history will be made for Cherry Hill East along with three other youth orchestras that have been nominated to play on the concert stage which few high-schools have done before.
Cherry Hill East (NJ), Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (NY), Youth Orchestras of Charlotte (WV), and Choate Rosemary Hall Orchestra (CT) will be the four orchestras selected out of many to perform in celebration of the 250th Birthday of Ludwig van Beehtoven.
Alongside the work of the most-famous deaf musician in history, other virtuosos also from the Classical and Romantic Era of music will be featured as well; such as Rimsky-Korsakov, Stravinsky, Elgar and DeFalla, and Schumann.
At 2:00p.m within the concert hall, Cherry Hill East will start off their performance with Movement 1: Poco sostenuto-Vivace of Beethoven’s Symphony No.7. Known for its long-ascending scale figures that fly off the pages and its frequent modulatory changes, the piece has forever been prized as a masterpiece since its premiere to public-eye.
Shortly after that, East Symphony Orchestra will conclude with Movement 4: Allegro molto-vivace of Schumman’s Symphony No.2 in C-Major. In what is actually his third orchestral dissertation, Schumann’s finale contrasts the melancholy of the previous movements with uproarious instrumentation which represents spiritual triumph over fate and pessimism. In awe of Beehtoven’s, Schumann had been inspired to write the piece from Beethoven’s struggles against despair of increasing deafness and contemplation of suicide.
Built in commemoration of the 35th U.S President’s smithsonian knowledge and appreciation for the arts; the John F. Kennedy Center serves as the national epicenter of renowned-artistic achievement that attracts thousands annually to perform within the building’s many high-end stages and theatres, which date many decades old. The National Symphony, Washington Ballet, Washington National Opera, and the Washington Performing Arts Society alike flock to this structure to demonstrate where the highest-caliber of art needs to be.
Admissions for those who wish to see the live performance for themselves should visit the Capital Orchestra Festival’s main website for payment options and more details to be disclosed. The least one could do to respect the school’s spectacular musical talent is to get involved with the East Music Boosters Program, in which every donation ensures the quality experience these young musicians deserve.preparation for the 7th Capital Orchestra Festival, in which Cherry Hill East will for its first time