Second year break dancing club offers fun, exercise and culture

The break dancing club at East was founded last year by Presidents Chanyangju Ju (’09) and Eric Shin (’09).

“Break dancing culture is a developing culture in Asia and Europe right now and I wanted to share that wonder and excitement with the people here, “says Ju.

So far the culture has been spread at East, as the club generally has a turnout of about 20 people each time they meet.

The group begins each meeting by stretching. Members stretch by themselves and with partners to ensure that their muscles are fully warm to execute each break dance movement.

“We exercise and have fun,” says Vice President Jon Zhang (’09).

Club member Brian Mo (’11) said, “It’s and opportunity to meet new people and get in shape.”

Throughout the meeting, members try to push themselves to learn new moves and improve their break dancing skills. It is not uncommon to find a member demonstrating a new move to the rest of the group or a few members trying to help one of their companions nail a frozen pose.

Ju adds that the group will possibly be performing the Spirit Week Dance this year.

The group’s ultimate goal, however, is to choreograph a dance for East’s annual Multicultural Day. The choreography will be created and practiced during the meetings.