Coffee House to honor Moose

This year’s Coffee House will be on January 19, 2013 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Cherry Hill East. From bands to solo singers to spoken word performances, Coffee House will be extremely entertaining and heartwarming. The theme this year is “Coming Together” and all the proceeds will go to the Millie Schembechler Fund, which raises money for the awareness and cure for adrenal cancer.

Coffee House this year specially honors Mr. Charlie Musumeci, also known as Moose, one of the staff members here at East who is battling adrenal cancer. Moose is known throughout the school as a community member who has been involved in many different activities at East.

At Coffee House, Moose’s contributions to East will be greatly celebrated and honored. Moose has been crucial to many aspects of East student’s and faculty’s lives. One of the goals for this year’s Coffee House is to bring together everyone who Moose has impacted at the school.

Molly Nugiel (’13) said, “People can expect an incredible night filled with amazing performances while raising money for a great cause and celebrating who Moose is and the incredible impact he has had on our lives. He is currently fighting this cancer so the cause is very close to all of our hearts.”