Badminton club to resume in March

Today was the final meeting of the Badminton Club, which took place in the East Gym from 2:30 – 4:00. Lovers of badminton met to hit birdies back and forth for the final time until early march, when the club will resume its meetings. The reason for this multi-month break in the club is due to the beginning of basketball season.

Head of the Badminton Club, MingQi Wu (’10), is not discouraged by this, and has already started thinking about the club’s future. Members of the club can look forward to the usual twice a week (Monday and Wednesday, unless an event pushes it back) meeting schedule and possible tournaments when the club begins again. Anyone and everyone is welcome at the meetings, even those that just want a little pick-me-up game and no competition.

“At the meetings we just let people play badminton, with one day for noncompetitive people and one day for competitive people,” says Wu, emphasizing the open-door policy for any type of player.