Six Flags debuts new rollercoaster, Bizarro, this weekend

The debut of the floorless rollercoaster called Bizarro will take place Memorial Day Weekend at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. Bizarro is a DC Comics character who is like Superman, but lives on a parallel earth called Htrae, where the people believe in “doing the opposite of all earthling things.” The rollercoaster has replaced the world’s first floorless roller coaster, Medusa, which made its debut in 2000. Bizarro is not entirely a new rollercoaster, but is just a revamp and upgrade of Medusa.
As feet are dangling on the revamped coaster, riders will adventure through three and a half minutes on Bizarro and experience seven loops throughout. Each seat has a built-in audio component in the headrest that will trigger flame sounds as the rollercoaster reaches several vigorous twists, loops and turns.

Great Adventure park president Mark Kane said Bizarro is “Medusa on steroids,” with added fog misters during several drops. Furthermore, Great Adventure works with a company called Clawshun Industries to better the rollercoaster.

The rollercoaster has three trains running through the ride at all times, to reduce the enormous and excessive lines that everyone sits through when visiting Great Adventure. Also, engineers created a “cool zone” on the rollercoaster as a train takes a drop at 60 mph.

According to Cheryl Rubin, DC Comics senior vice president of brand management, the revamp is a marvelous marriage of the character and thrill. “What better way to represent such a twisted, exciting character like Bizarro than with such a twisting, exciting roller coaster?” she said.

Bizarro, a character that has been in the Superman comics since 1958, gave a great opportunity to the exhilarating revamped rollercoaster at Great Adventure, especially to the people disinterested with the attractions already at the park.