Khalid and Marshmello team up for a new single

Abigail Richman , Business Manager

Who knew that modern electronic dance music could have so much meaning behind it? Marshmello, music producer and DJ, is known for his upbeat and intense remixes; however, when paired with the up and coming R&B artist Khalid, a deeper meaning was added behind the lyrics of the song.

     Marshmello and Khalid are the definition of “polar opposite” artists. However, with Khalid’s own harmonies backed up by Marshmello’s EDM, the song flows perfectly. “Silence, their new song, displays Khalid’s courage to tell his significant other how he feels.

    The first verse stresses Khalid’s struggles with relationships.

Khalid writes how  “love only left [him] alone.”

Khalid uses silence for conciliation instead of trying to fight back for reciprocated love. In the second verse, Khalid puts himself down because he feels he’s more of a “burden” and that he’s always used to being in the wrong instead of feeling content with love.  

He writes, “I’m at one, and I’ve been silent for too long.”

Throughout the lyrics, Khalid struggles with finding comfort in love. Despite feeling disconnected with his significant other, he falls short with fighting. The word “silence” is threaded through each verse including the word “quiet.” This displays a feeling of disparity as Khalid is very quick to bring himself down.

   Although the song has more of a melancholy meaning behind it, it is ironic that such an upbeat artist like Marshmello can easily incorporate his fiery beats within such dejection. As heartfelt as a writer can be, there always is light beaming from silence.