Gossip Girl “Seder Anything”

Passover Seders, a wedding in Spain and college decisions… Oh my!

With the holidays comes drama. This is no excuse even for the highest of holidays in the Jewish faith, which Blair Waldorf is now celebrating. With her new husband of a different religion, Eleanor is making a grand gesture of having the holiday at their house. Dan is the cater-waiter for the evening, in hopes of earning some money for college. Blair does not even attend, but instead Serena does, bringing along with her a potential husband.

After being in Spain, she remembers saying “Si”, possibly to a priest, in a church on a drunken night with Gabriel, her possible hubby. As the episode concludes, Serena finds herself still single and relieved, although maybe having possible feelings for her almost ex-husband.

Blair is persuaded by Nate’s grandfather to convince him to go to Yale University and to continue the family tradition on the condition that she becomes a bridesmaid in Nate’s cousin’s wedding and will also have a place as a New York Socialite. Discouragingly, Blair finds out about Nate’s excitement about getting into Colombia University, and feels awful about changing his mind.

When she realizes that she will have nowhere to go after high school ends, Cyrus tells her that he has connections with New York University, and although it is not Ivy League, she’ll take it.

As the Passover Seder comes to a close, we learn of false weddings and college destinations for the future of the Upper Eastsiders. Although, love and romance still linger in the air for not only Serena, but Blair as well.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode, but the timing was a bit off. Also, not too much happened, but it was refreshing and unique which captured my attention. Jenny seems to be back to her normal self which is also a relief to not only me, but many viewers of the show. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Serena and Gabriel since he is Poppy’s ex-boyfriend and that territory is usually untouched. Chuck Bass is still lonely, but maybe next week can fix that problem.

XoXo, Gossip Girl.

SPOTTED: Rating for “Seder Anything”: B+