Gossip Girl “Pre-a-Poor-J”

Ashley Drazen (’09)

Changes are in store for many characters, so as this episode begins, we see that Jenny has transformed herself into a true fashionista. Her hairstyle, make-up and wardrobe are all altered, containing dark colors and shady undertones. A new model, Agnes, arrives. Agnes befriends Little J and turns her into a wild child. Amongst their shenanigans are late night parties and posing for pictures in their underwear. Lastly, Jenny’s rebel side shines through when she decides to quit Eleanor Waldorf’s company and create an independent clothing line.

Blair and Chuck are destined lovers, but are unable to say those three magical words. As a result, they officially decide to part ways and take a break from their games.

Serena attends Rufus’ gallery opening and meets a new man, Aaron. They both feel the instant chemistry and Serena remembers that they went to camp together when the two of them were young.

Questions seem to arise when we see Nate overly concerned for Jenny’s well being. Now that he is living in the Humphrey household, awkward moments begin to occur. At the end of the episode, Jenny questions his motives and asks if he thinks of her as a little sister. He answers this question with a kiss, and Jenny’s matter is resolved.

I do not like the new Jenny. I felt as though Agnes was a terrible influence and that she completely changed all of Jenny’s morals. I was pleasantly surprised that Nate and Jenny kissed because they’ve always had some chemistry. I am very interested to see where their relationship will go, especially because of the age difference and nosy friends. Also, I am eager to see what will happen with Jenny’s clothing line and if her life will revert back to normalcy. Lastly, I am curious to see what will become of Serena’s new love interest, Aaron.XoXo.

Spotted: Rating for “Pre-a-Poor-J”: B+