Bones “The Con Man in the Meth Lab”

This week on “Bones,” fans were finally able to meet Booth’s little brother, Jared. This episode was originally supposed to air during season three; however, it was moved back due to the writers’ strike. As a result, fans were counting down the days and hours; they definitely were not disappointed.

In this episode a body was found in an abandoned meth lab during a police training exercise. Booth and Brennan get the call while at therapy, where Booth is raving about solving the Rico case (a top secret case that will be Booth’s big break at the FBI). However, Booth’s rant is cut short and both he and Brennan abandon Dr. Sweets (and the rest of their appointment to go identify the body).

Back at the lab, Brennan is having difficultly locating the exit wound to the body and is worried about how it will affect the case. However, she is soon distracted when Booth brings Jared to the lab. Jared, a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, has recently been promoted to the head of Strategic Plans and Policy and has come to the Jeffersonian to ask Cam to be his date for his work party that evening. She accepts and Booth and Brennan leave to visit the family of their believed victim. The duo visit Paul and Lily Stegman, and after talking with them are convinced that the identity of their victim is none other than Paul’s alcoholic father, Jim Stegman.

Booth and Brennan then call Cam to inform her of the identity of their victim. During this phone call, Cam tells Booth that she can no longer be Jared’s date and tells him that he needs to find someone else. Brennan immediately volunteers. Just before Brennan leaves for her date, she and her intern are going through the victim’s x-rays and discover from a lack of injuries that should be present that their victim is not Jim Stegman.

At this point Brennan and Jared at the party. The anthropologist in Brennan is having a great time noting Jared’s behavior around his co-workers and she tells him that Booth would never feel comfortable at an event like this. Jared agrees, saying that Booth does not like the spotlot or taking risks. He also goes on to say that he is the opposite of Booth and decides to prove it by kissing Brennan.

The next morning Brennan arrives late to work, which makes everyone worry that she slept with Jared. Brennan denies this, but Angela is still concerned, so she explains to Brennan that she needs to stop.”He’s Booth’s little brother and it would just be a creepy way to have sex with a Booth without having sex with the real Booth,” she said.

Brennan chooses to ignore Angela and is forced to learn the hard way that the only real Booth is Seeley Booth.

That night Booth ends up getting a call from Jared asking for help. Jared was pulled over for a DUI. If he gets arrested he will lose his job. However, the officer is willing to make a deal with Booth to charge Jared for falling asleep at the wheel, instead, if Booth gives up his credit to the Rico case. Booth takes the deal, letting Jared keep his job but losing his big break.

Brennan learns of this incident and Booth’s history of caring for his brother. Apparently Booth’s father is an alcoholic who physically abused him and Jared. As a result, Booth has always felt responsible for taking care of Jared and never is rewarded. When Brennan finds out, she immediately dumps Jared and apologizes to Booth for ever doubting that he is a great man.

This episode is the best of the past two seasons’. Fans were finally able to see into Booth’s past, which was something that really has not been touched on. Also, for once Brennan was able to comfort Booth, which is a nice change of pace. If the writers continue with more episodes like this, “Bones” will have an extremely successful season.

Overall Grade: A