Master P – Gameface (2001)

Jared Fisch, For Eastside

As a huge fan of rap, you will find many Master P songs on my playlist. After listening to his tenth album Gameface (2001), I was left with the tunes and catchy verses stuck in my head.

To begin, in my opinion, the first song, “Take It Outside” did not get the album started off on a positive note. I found this song to be repetitive, which almost had me put the album to a halt. The second song, however, “Ghetto Ballin,” was a hit. It was an upbeat song with a positive vibe. Master P brings another hit with his fourth song “Real Love.” Here, he incorporates the wonderful R&B voice of Sera-Lynn. His rap blended perfectly with her background singing.

Master P’s sixth song “The Block” was a great song. As the song began, I felt myself “vibing” with the beat steadily. The chorus was very catchy and after the second time it came around I was singing along. This was my favorite song of the album. He continued with another hit, “A Woman,” which had me enjoying its smooth beat thoroughly.

I liked and disliked this album for many reasons. I liked the fresh beats, but I disliked the repetitive monotony of Master P’s style. As Master P is a veteran rapper, some of his early music was raw. Today’s generation of rappers have learned many lessons from the original rappers, as well as adding their own modern, varied styles to the genre, leading to a very different sound from the boom-bap beginnings of hip-hop. This is why many songs from old school rappers like Master P sound outdated to many rap fans, including myself. There were some bright spots like “Ghetto Ballin” and “Real Love,” but overall, Gameface was neither definitively good nor bad. Simply, old school rap fans may enjoy certain aspects of it, while more modern rap fans may find the album raw.