That’s my spot

Sean Farfield ('11)

"The Shadow" watches the halls from C-Wing Intersection

They call me “The Shadow” because I spend all my time at that one corner of C-wing intersection, you know what I’m talking about…

That’s right, I’m “The Shadow.” I earned that title because I lurk in the shadows of C-wing intersection after each period and occasionally during class. People walk by me in fear because they never know when I’m going to jump out and scare them or throw a secret punch from the corner.

Every now and then I’m referred to as the “Rebel Hall-Monitor” because when I see kids walking in the hallway without their passes, I take their lunch money. Hey, don’t judge me, “The Shadow’s” gotta eat too, you know?

I’m too cool to bring a lunch anyway. Brown bag? I don’t think so. I have to guard my spot. I don’t have time to fool around in the cafeteria, that spot has my name on it. No, really, I wrote my name one that spot Sophomore year after Randall “The Cavebear” Vilanci, ’07 passed the spot over to me. He was the best mentor ever. He taught me every trick of the trade to being the baddest, meanest, most feared corner-kid in the school.

One day, Frank “The Moto-Thug” Longfellow, ’11 tried to compete with me for my spot. Everyone knows that his spot is next to the third staircase on the first floor of C-wing by the East gym and the weight room. He’s just trying to take my spot because that’s the best corner in the whole school. You don’t compete with “The Shadow.” I was taken under “The Cavebear’s” wing from the beginning. Even teachers are scared of me.

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty shaken up the first time I ever came in contact with The Corner and “The Cavebear,” but something in me told me I was destined to spend the next three years of my life in this corner. Yeah, my high school education is sorta important, but when you really think about it, it’s all about the streets. In my case, the hallways. The world is a dangerous place these days and sometimes you need to get on the inside to survive.

I’ve been scouting the hallways for my successor to start teaching him my ways. So far it’s between Blake Hammerson, ’14, and Albert Gonzalez, ’14. Hammerson’s pretty good with the teachers and the ladies, but Gonzalez can throw a pretty nasty left-hook. Either way, they still have a lot to learn.

However, until I graduate, this spot is mine.