Students eagerly await Twilight field trip

School principal Ron O’Schmeeza announced over the Memorial Day Weekend that upon their return to school Tuesday, students will be preparing for an “epic field trip to the hub of the Twilight universe.”O’Schmeeza says he came up with the plan for a Twilight-themed field trip after the success of the new Twilight Debate Club.

“We have had more than 98 percent of the student and faculty bodies join the club,” he said as tears formed in his eyes. “I couldn’t be more proud.”

O’Schmeeza says that the school will travel to Seattle, Washington, the filming location of the Twilight movies. In letters sent home to parents of students, O’Schmeeza asked that students bring “any and all vampire attire.”

The avid Twilight fan says there will be a massive bon fire held the night of the school’s arrival in Seattle, in addition to an outdoor camping feast. “I can’t wait for the trip,” said senior Janice Incoshmingo. “It will be like we are all vampires, all of us,” she continued.

The trip is to last one week, during which students and teachers will tour the filming location and possibly meet some of the film’s stars. The Twilight Debate Club, which helped coordinate the trip, erupted into uncontrollable screams of joy when asked about the possibility of meeting Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen in the film series based on the books written by Stephanie Meyer.

O’Schmeeza said the goal of the trip was to “instill in the youth at the school a feeling of purpose and accomplishment, that they can be the vampires and werewolves that we idolize on the screen. We want to show our students that even when the full moon is hidden behind several nimbus clouds, they can follow their dreams.”

The field trip follows several changes made to Cherry Hill East’s appearance over the past few months. In addition to the cougar mascot being replaced by an Edward Cullen mascot, the school hours themselves have changed.

O’Schmeeza announced in March that school hours would “run from seven pm. until 2 a.m., the optimal hours under the moonlight.”

George Meadows (’12), brother of the leader of the Twilight Debate Club, Sally Meadows, said, “My sister and I think the new hours are fantabulous. Since we are both part werewolf, we will be able to really get to know ourselves from this new schedule.”

Miranda Gold (’11) said, “I just feel like howling at the moon, I can’t wait for class!”

O’Schmeeza says the new hours would allow for a more “authentic Twilight ambiance in the school.” The school board voted unanimously to support the new school hours, feeling that “class under the stars” would evoke a greater school spirit.