Student takes gym sports seriously

George B. Johnson (’10) is the man with a plan; a game plan that is.
Floor hockey, a familiar old gym sport, is now on the rise to becoming as big as college football and basketball all thanks to Johnson.
“I’ve always like to explore the unknown, you know?” Said Johnson, “When I stepped onto that gymnasium floor with that hockey stick for the first time, I was like… whoa. I knew this was my destiny.”
September twenty-fifth, a day like any other regular Monday at Cherry Hill East, was the day Johnson discovered his love and natural talent for floor hockey, according to Johnson that is.
“Man, we were just doin’ our thing on that there court man and he was just ripping up the floor like some crazy dude, man!” said Johnson’s best friend Louie Steward (’10). “Man, the final score was crazy man it was like seventy to two or something!”
Not only does everyone now cut their seventh period class to watch Johnson and his team play floor hockey during gym, but Johnson also got the approval of Cherry Hill East principal Ron O’Schmeeza to start his own floor hockey club at East.
“I really love watching Johnson play,” said Stephanie Guenn (’13), president of the George B. Johnson fan club. “I’ve already gotten eight white cards from skipping AP calculus because I can not stand to miss one game. I’ll be really upset when floor hockey season is over!”
O’Schmeeza, although not approving of the simultaneous class cutting, makes an appearance at every floor hockey match.
Colleges from all over the Unites States are now looking at Johnson to recruit. Only very few Division I colleges have floor hockey teams. Now, however, the increased demand for Johnson has paralleled an upward growth of collegiate floor hockey teams.
“We’ve always seriously considered starting a Floor Hockey team,” said Minnie King, the Athletics Director at Louisiana State University. “Now if Johnson comes to LSU, we’re definitely doing it. Go Tigers!”
“I really want to go to LSU. I think they will really be able to help me with my professional floor hockey career.” Said Johnson, “I was already offered a contract with the Washington Prairie Dogs, my favorite professional floor hockey team, but I told them I want to wait until after college. You know, just in case I get injured or something. I’ve been having this strange ache in my right pinky toe. You can never be too careful.”
According to the talk show “Hockey-Watch” on ESPN, the Washington Prairie Dogs are currently the second best team in the NFHL (National Floor Hockey League) next to the Atlanta Lancers and the Pittsburg Manatees who are both tied for first.
“Johnson is a really good kid and has exceptional grades,” said Lisa Whinstone, Johnson’s guidance counselor. “Even if something goes wrong with his floor hockey career, not saying it will, he will still have an extremely promising future as maybe a technician or a scientist or something. I have a lot of faith in him.”
Because of Johnson’s new found talent he has not only gained immense popularity, but he has also been nominated for the Cherry Hill East Senior Hall of Fame, Mr. East, and the superlative for “Most Likely to Become a Celebrity”.
Johnson appears to have his entire life planned out all thanks to gym class.