Senior Perspective: Aaron Weinstein

My first day at East was surreal. I couldn’t believe that I went to school with people that had full-on facial hair and were about to venture on into college. Now that I am in that situation, maybe without the facial hair, I can reflect on my own four years at East.

I am proud to have called East my home over the past four years. Sure, East has its flaws. From the blistering heat and humidity in third floor C-Wing to the excess air conditioning in F-wing, crowded intersections and the occasional ceiling leak. Despite these problems, I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself over the course of my high school career.

However, I cannot honestly say I enjoyed everything about high school. The classes were demanding, and I remember staying up late doing homework, making projects, and studying all night, especially my sophomore and junior years. I do not regret pushing myself at all, for I feel prepared for the next level of my education.

Now, I’m not the most extracurricularly student. I did participate in FOP every year, which I thoroughly enjoyed and am grateful to have experienced. I’m also not the most athletic student, but I do know the sports teams at East are very talented. I know this because I wasn’t good enough to play on any of them. I played bench for freshman soccer and “qualified” for the practice squad for the golf team. Now, I’m not trying to say that I have no talent. I have been able to balance a demanding academic schedule. I have survived honors and AP courses and maintained good grades. I also participated in the Coffee House this past year, which was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my high school career.

Leaving East, I know that I am ready for the challenges ahead of me at Lehigh University and beyond.