Bi-weekly update of entertainment news

Twilight sequel: While Twilight still shines in theaters, the film series’ stars are preparing for the second installment of the series, New Moon. Even though the main stars, Robert Pattinson (Edward) and Kristen Bell (Bella), automatically kept their roles for the sequel, Taylor Lautner’s (Jacob) role was disputed. Rumor has it that the love triangle from the book series materialized, causing a rift between Pattinson and Lautner, whose characters pine over the same female. Tension begin to rise at the end of Twilight’s filming, with curious claw marks and bite marks igniting the rumors. Publicists for the two actors released a statement saying that the marks were merely there because the two actors stayed in character while on the press tour. Before signing on for New Moon, Lautner and Pattinson attended couples’ therapy to better deal with their emotions. Now that they are able to express their love openly for the same woman, or character, rather, the two can continue being pop culture sensations.Return of TV shows: Now that the winter hiatus of television comedies and dramas has ended, television fans can once again take up their seats for hours of television viewing per week. In addition to old shows returning for the rest of their seasons, some are just premiering. TV fans nationwide are experiencing glee and merry moods. Some weather reports even show an abundance of sunshine unusual to this time of year. Many psychics and analysts say the television programs have given new hope to Americans, and that their hope has caused an environmental shift around the world. Experts predict that the continuance of the television season may even create enough sunlight to help solve the energy crisis.

Tori Spelling’s return to 90210: After a history of catfights, gossip, and rumors, Tori Spelling will indeed return to her old stomping grounds, the remake of Beverly Hills: 90210. The remake portrays the juicy, scandalous battleground that is high school, in a far away land where everyone is rich, beautiful, and choc-full-of problems. Reprising her role of Donna Martin, spelling will follow in the footsteps of Shannon Doherty and Jenny Garth, both of whom reprised their characters for numerous episodes of 90210. Spelling and Doherty have a history of not getting along, a factor which played a role in Spelling’s decision not to appear on the show earlier last year. Fans will be eagerly awaiting the return of another original cast-member to the show, perhaps with a few fists flying at the same time. Some news outlets have reported the strategic placement of boxing gloves and medieval shields throughout the sets, just in case any stars come to blows.