20 things to do during a rainy summer

1. Build a boat.  Like Noah’s Ark.  Place a bunch of animals by twos in it for company.
2. Use the boat to get to your job. Great way to defy the flash flood warnings.  Should draw much attention.
3. If you work as a lifeguard and you are told to go home because stormy weather closed the pool, stay inside the boat in the parking lot and party with the animals.
4. Play a board game in your basement.  If your basement floods, use a raft—one that is shaped like an alligator, a whale or a dolphin—to play the game on.  The Dollar Store should have an ample supply of animal rafts.
5. Watch 99 Disney movies.  Don’t forget favorites like High School Musical.  Maybe watch that twice.
6. Watch Food Network.
7. Cook whatever food they just made on Food Network.  Don’t forget cookies.  And cake.  And brownies.  And anything else you can find on FoodNetwork.com.
8. Eat all the food you made.
9. Complain that you can’t burn off all of those calories because you can’t go outside and exercise.
10. Rent a workout video OnDemand.  Then feel good about yourself for working out.
11. To earn some extra cash, sell your unused, stockpile of sunscreen on Ebay.  Maybe someone in Florida or California can use it.
12. Go through your 9,532 emails. Delete most of them.
13. Read your summer reading book, or not.
14. Do a 3,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.  Then do it again.
15. Run through the puddles on the sidewalk during a downpour.
16. Watch the Phillies (if there is no rain delay)…lose. Or maybe win. There is a .495 chance of a win.
17. Go online window-shopping.  Check out all the sales and add items to your cart, but never buy any of the items.
18. Buy an umbrella.
19. Do the SAT practice problem of the day.
20. Write a list of things to do when it rains while it is raining.