Varsity Rejects win three-on-three tournament

In the first three-on-three basketball tournament in several years, and the first to take place in one day, the Varsity Rejects — Mr. Melograna, Kyle Bryant (’13) and Kevin Barry (’13) —  emerged as champions over The Moonstars — Adam Bienstock (’14), Ryan Smith (’14) and Alex Aquino (’14) —  in the finals.

The event began with 32 teams.  Gagznam Style — Mr. Gagliardi, Abe Granoff (’14) and David Linsky (’14) — took third.  The Strawberry Crepes — Kyle Bigley (’13), Matt Getson (’13) and John Minion (’13) — took fourth.

Team Emily, Lakers, White Men Can’t Jump and Team Speller rounded out the top eight.