Senior Powder Puff Preview

Jake Fischer (\'12)/ For Eastside

Since the Philadelphia Eagles have not given fans much to cheer about, perhaps it would be more entertaining to witness the East Powder Puff Football game this Sunday, October 26. The game has been dominated by seniors in the past, and they are favored once again this year.
Coached by Anthony Giannopoulos (’09) and Mike Sadowsky (’09), the senior team looks to run the junior team into the ground, literally. They are anchored by quarterback Gabi Crowe (’09) and running back Jocelyn Prescott (’09). They have a very strong run attack but are not afraid to pass the ball.
“Jocelyn is faster than Forrest Gump,” said Giannopoulos, who anticipates a 28-3 senior victory.
Others players to watch are wide receiver Lindsey Schmidt (’09) and defensive star Kelly Hwang (’09).
“[Hwang is] a monster,” said Giannopoulos.
Giannopoulos and Sadowsky discovered their players’ talents in practice. They have been studying every aspect of each player’s game during passing drills and trench fights in practice. Having the players run suicides also allowed the girls to showcase their speed and endurance. Both coaches have been creating plays that they said hould lead the senior team to a triumphant Sunday.
The only adversary that the senior team’s coaching staff are looking out for is Monica Bonitatis (’10). Her speed and knowledge of the game will come in handy for the juniors against a feisty senior defense. Coach Dante Cassano (’10) of the junior team is prepared to stop the deadly rushing attack provided by Prescott. If they succeed, Giannopoulos has been preparing his players for the almost impossible achievement.
            “If they stop the run, we bring the pass. We are not afraid to throw the ball,” said Giannopoulos. “Our game plan is experience.”
            After the final whistle, black or red, senior or junior, stay tuned for one incredible football game.