Possible changes for the upcoming NBA season

The upcoming NBA Draft is bound to send many players to different teams.

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The upcoming NBA Draft is bound to send many players to different teams.

Adam Aaronson ('20), Eastside Staff

The upcoming NBA offseason is likely going to be just as active and chaotic as last year, which is a blessing for NBA fans. This year’s draft class is stacked with talent; many stars are on the trade block- and while there may be no Kevin Durant- there are tons of prized free agents set to hit the open market. Separating rumors from facts is more difficult than ever during this time of year, so which big names may actually be wearing a new uniform come next fall?


Gordon Hayward

NBA fans have become numb to the “[Big free agent] has lots of Interest in the Celtics/Lakers” reports, because they are commonplace every summer and rarely come into reality. However, there’s no reason why Gordon Hayward wouldn’t want to leave the Utah Jazz and reunite with his college coach Brad Stevens to play for the Boston Celtics. They have the cap space to offer him a maximum contract, two All-Star caliber players already, a great group of supporting cast members, a solid amount of young talent, and the #1 pick in the draft next week.


Andre Drummond

The Pistons have run into a dilemma with Andre Drummond. Once one of the bright young stars in the league, his game hasn’t improved since he first gained a favorable reputation. He hasn’t developed anything resembling an offensive game, and his defense is not as good as simple stats might show. At this point, his fate may be just to be a rebounder, which he does at a top-tier level. His name has been mentioned in trade rumors on more than a few occasions in the last year, and if a team in desperate need of rebounding help makes an offer, Drummond will likely be with a new team next season.


Paul George

It has become very well known that George, possibly one of the ten best players the league has to offer, has his sights set on the Los Angeles Lakers when he becomes a free agent in 2018. He seems to have little to no interest in re-upping with the Indiana Pacers, so they would be right to trade him for as much as they can get, and it should be done as soon as possible to prevent his value from falling any further. However, the Lakers can under no circumstances pull the trigger on a trade for “PG-13” if they’re sure he already wants to come there. Last time a team couldn’t have the patience to just wait and sign a star, the New York Knicks ended up trading all of their valuable assets for Carmelo Anthony- look how that turned out. Another interesting suitor has jumped into the rumor mill lately. The Cleveland Cavaliers need to make some sort of big trade in hopes it’ll give them some chance of beating the Golden State Warriors. If George’s value plummets rapidly before the start of the season, it isn’t totally out of the question that the Cavs could swoop in and pull off a blockbuster deal. However, this trade would almost have to involve a certain player…


Kevin Love

With the Cavaliers looking to make a drastic change, they’ll likely look at their big-man situation. Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson can’t be on the court together if Cleveland wants to beat Golden State, but they’re both getting paid tremendous amounts of money. GM David Griffin will likely have to choose between the two, and Love is most likely the odd man out, due to Thompson’s rim protection as well as Love’s much higher market value. Even if they can’t steal Paul George away, they’ll likely move Love for multiple pieces who can add much-needed versatility and athleticism.


JJ Redick

This may not be the first Clipper you’d expect to be on this list, or even the second one for that matter. But, Redick departing from LA seems close to certain. But his value and destination are very much up in the air. He has the potential to have the highest contract of the summer, but could also end up getting less than what he thinks he’s worth. He could help current fringe playoff teams like the Heat, Pacers, Bucks or Pelicans, or he can maximize his dollar value and go to a team like the Sixers or Nets. Philly is likely his best fit due to their need for shooters around Ben Simmons, and Redick is one of the best shooters the league has seen in quite some time.


While there are many other players who could be with a new franchise in October such as Chris Paul, Blake Griffin or Kyle Lowry, these five names are the ones most likely to be on a new team next season, whether they’re signed as free agents, or moved in a trade.