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Junior Powder Puff Team Preview

Powder Puff Football is a game almost always won by the seniors of Cherry Hill East, yet the juniors (’10) believe they have a solid chance of winning it this year. The game is set for Sunday October 26th on the football field behind Cherry Hill East.

During their practices, the girls are split up into their respective positions and are coached by one of the four main coaches who are (Head Coach) Dante Cassano (’10), Mac McNelis (’10), Shane Kilduff (’10), and Joey Crimaldi (’10). There are also other volunteer coaches that help during practice. The girls are split into different groups such as offensive/defensive line, quarterback/wide receiver/running back, special teams, or defensive secondary. Coach Cassano surveys the entire practice by walking from group to group giving football advice to the girls who need it.

Cassano believes that the juniors will win the up coming game.

“We aren’t one dimensional,” said Cassano.

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He credits his team not being one dimensional to four of his top players, although every girl on the team helps the cause of winning in her own way. These four players are the ‘Junior Players to Watch’ during the game on Sunday:

Tina Paglione (’10): Quarterback

Tina Paglione (’10) knows how to handle herself when it comes to the quarterback position. Cassano believes that Tina’s above average play can be attributed to her strong arm, accuracy, and her “quarterback vision” of the field. According to Coach McNelis, the senior team needs to look out for Paglione. Said Coach McNelis, “Tina Paglione can read [defensive] coverages.”
Monica Bonitatis (’10): Running back

Monica Bonitatis (’10) can be found on the softball diamond in the spring, but come Sunday October 26th she will be running the football for the Junior Powder Puff football team. The coaches feel that her speed, agility and her football instincts set her above the rest. When asked what makes her a ‘Player to Watch’ she said, “I know how to get the job done.”
Kim Regan (’10): Wide receiver

Not only is Kim Regan (’10) a stand out player on the basketball court, but she has been picked out by her Powder Puff coaches as a ‘Player to Watch’. The coaches believe she will stand out in the game because of her speed, quickness and good hands. When asked why she thinks she has an advantage above the other players she said “[Coach Cassano] has been teaching me, so I have more knowledge than the other girls.”

Frankie Greenwald (’10): Defensive Tackle

Cassano could not speak higher about who he says is his best defensive tackle in Frankie Greenwald (’10). Although qualified to be a player to watch in her offensive and defensive position, the coaches believe Greenwald excels at defensive tackle. Cassano believes it is her combination of power and speed which make her such a great defensive tackle. “I am good at deceiving the Offensive line,” said Greenwald. Greenwald prides herself in deceiving these offensive line “girls”.

As a prediction for the older senior team, Coach Kilduff said, “I think they will be more physical than us, but we have more athletic talent. If we can use our athleticism and be able to shut down their great running back we should have a good opportunity to win.”

Whether Kilduff’s prediction is correct or not, this should be an all around good football game.

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