East hockey team and alumni both take losses to Cherokee on alumni night


Sydney Steele

East hockey team tries to make a comeback on alumni night

Karli Wulwick, Eastside Staff

Recent graduates from Cherry Hill East and West composed the alumni team and faced off against Cherokee. Made up of only thirteen-minute periods, the alumni lost a devastating game 3-13. However, such a loss only motivated the current varsity team to fight even harder in their game directly afterwards.

The team squared up against a major competitor and threat, Cherokee, at 8:15 on Wednesday night supported by a huge fan base that barely left standing room around the rink. The game proved to be a physical one, resulting in a heart wrenching loss, a fight, and East’s Justin Bryan (’16) being ejected from the game late in the third period.

In typical Cherokee fashion, the Chiefs held nothing back and scored two goals in the first period. East was quick to answer at the start of the second when Kris Hastings (’16) put one in the net, but Cherokee went on to score once more to ensure that East could not come back. The third period was filled with penalties and tough fighting, but did not produce any goals to shift the end result of the game. East’s Varsity hockey team lost a tough game 1-3 against Cherokee to change their record to 10-2.